The international cooperation

The international cooperation


Professor from The University of Pennsylvania (USA) VUKAN R. VUCHIC and the representatives from US Embassy visit MADI (March 2011)

Vice-Rector of International Department REMENTSOV A.N. presents Professor VUKAN R.VUCHIC to the audience

Professor VUKAN R. VUCHIC reads a lecture on "Traffic"

Shaking hands in appreciation between Prof. REMENTSOV A.N. and Prof. VUKAN R. VUCHIC

Present with mementos

The representatives of the Hungarian company "ENERGOTESTltd." visit MADI (February 2011)

The representatives of "ENERGOTESTltd." company and the Chairman of Heat Engineering and Vehicle Engines SHATROV M.G.

The representatives of "ENERGOTESTltd." company award the scholarship to MADI students

Meeting Professor of the University "Palermo", Buenos Aires (Argentina) CASTILLO ASENJO GERARDO with Vice-Rector of International Department REMENTSOV A.N.(June 2010)

The signing of the "Memorandum of Understanding" between MADI and "The University of Palermo"

Meeting Professor of the University of Kragujevac (The Republic of Serbia), Academician of Academy of Transport of Russian Federation MIROSLAV DEMIC and Professor of Polytechnic University in Turin (Italy) GIOVANNI BELINGARDI with Vice-Rector of International Department REMENTSOV A.N. (May 2010)

The delegation from Japan headed by SAKAKI SHIGEYUKI visits the Chair of surveying and road design(December 2009)

SAKAKI SHIGEYUKI - Director for International Cooperation Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and REMENCOV A.N. - Vice-Rector on International Department

Reception of the Technological Universities (c.Lima, Peru) delegation, October, 2006

Signing of the Cooperation agreement between MADI (STU) and the Federal Road Scientific Research Institute – BASt (Bergish, Gladbah, Germany), February 2006.

Reception of Nepalese delegation 26.02.2006

Reception of Chanans University delegation from Sian (China), 09.02.2006

Nepalese delegation on the 4th Exhibition «MADI (STU) Scientific Achievements » 17-18.05.2006

Awarding to HM King of Nepal of the Honourable Doctor Diploma by MADI (STU) Rector proff. Prikhodko V.M.

Reception of the Ambassador of Panama and Panama delegation and signing of the contract about cooperation with Technological University of Panama, 2004 year.

Reception of the Afghanistan governmental delegation, 2003 year.