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Cost of tuition for foreign citizens in 2013/2014 educational year per year:

Preparatory faculty

all specialities

105 000 rubles

The basic faculties (Graduate program)

(all specialities, except "World Economy" and "Customs business")

91 000-115 000 rubles

Speciality "World Economy" and "Customs business" (for the former USSR countries only)

103 000 rubles

Masters Degree

98 000-129 000 rubles

Postgraduate study (Ph.D):

- full-time study

104 000 rubles

- correspondence study

76 000 rubles

Doctoral studies:

- full-time study

110 000 rubles

- correspondence study

80 000 rubles

Short-term Scientific training program

per one month

10 200 rubles

Russian Language Courses

per one hour studies

480 rubles

Cost of Accommodation at MADI (STU) hostel in 2013/2014 educational year

one bed-place per year

53 808 rubles

Medical insurance

- Cost of obligatory health services per year with granting services of a polyclinic and hospital (under the contract with the insurance company)

5 500 rubles

All payment must be made in rubles.