Our graduates

Our graduates

Graduates of the University make engineering and political elite and hold prominent positions in state apparatus, educational institutions and business home and abroad. About 20 graduates hold positions in the state ministries, departments, etc. (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritania, Kuwait, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Palestine, etc.). Over 50 graduates work as rectors, presidents and administrative heads of foreign high schools (Bulgaria, Vietnam, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Brazil, Peru, etc.). Graduates of the University are engaged in business in the USA, Canada, the Europe, Latin America, Near and Middle East, Asia. Honourable Doctors and professors of the University are leaders of states (Nepal), outstanding scientists (India, the USA, Germany, China, Georgia, Armenia, Lebanon, Vietnam, etc.).

Some MADI (STU) Vietnamese graduates fruitfully work, hold prominent positions (chairmen of committee on a science and techniques, vice-rectors and deans of faculties). Academician Dang Khyu defended the master's thesis on MADI (STU) faculty «Construction of highways» under professor N.N.Ivanov’s scientific guidance, held leading posts in Vietnam, now brings great contribution to development of friendship between Vietnam and Russia, being chairman of a society of «Vietnam-Russian Friendship». For great merits in the development of Russian-Vietnamese friendship Dang Hyu the title MADI (STU) «Honourable Doctor was given to him. Dang Hyu has unanimously been elected by the academician of the Russian Academy of Transport. Nguen Van L'en the post-graduate student of the faculty «Airports and designs», has defended candidate’s and doctor's dissertations under professor Trigoni’s V.E. guidance, now holds a post of the deputy minister on construction.

Many MADI (STU) graduates from Nepal also hold prominent positions: Akal Bakhadur Singh - a member of the Academy of Sciences of Nepal, Yadav Ieganang - director of the Department of Roads of Nepal; Shri Prasad works in the Department of Highways of Nepal, Pauan Karki Arun Kumar Dzhungana – the executive director of a leading civil engineering firm "Iteko" works in the Ministry of Construction; Krishna Prakash Shrestha - the employee « Radio of Moscow »; Suriya Prakash Paudel - the senior lecturer of the faculty of geodesy in MADI (STU); Yadav Shivadji - the general director of a firm on erection of building constructions of a class "A"; Kamal Dkhakal - owns a private concern in Canada; Kedar Prodhan - the leading expert of the building company in Germany; Padam Bahadur Sakhas - the scientific employee in Japan; Dja Prem Chandra – holder of the chair in Pulchok institute in Katmandu; Dja Bidjaya - head of building company " Ruby " in Moscow; Yadav Binod - the teacher of Pulchok Institute, of Katmandu.

MADI (STU) has trained highly skilled specialists for Afghanistan: Abdul Kadyr Barakzay - the owner of a TV-channel in the USA; Abdul Basir Karimi -heads faculty " Cars " in Berlin; Mohammed Sherzad Hussein lives in Canada, heads firm. Azgar Hel' Mangal - heads diaspora of the Afghani citizens living in Germany, is engaged in business, charity (sponsors training children of the Afghani refugees); Mohammed Rafik Yusufi lives in Moscow, is engaged in business; Mohammed Shakh Sofi holds chair in Tajikistan; Abdul Vase Ebadi lives in Canada, is engaged in business. B.Nasrulla lives in Germany, is engaged in business.

Sakala Luis MADI (STU) a graduate from Peoplle’s Republic of Congo he finished faculty «Bridges and Tunnel» in 1977 works as director of Department on Construction of Highways. Debenge Innosent who finished faculty «Construction of Air Stations » in 1977 works as the head of the chair.

There is a great demand for MADI (STU) graduates in different countries all of them successfully work in the chosen specialities.

Honours degrees were received by the following foreign citizens trained in MADI (STU) during last 15 years:

Andreev Zdravko (Bulgaria), Dzivok Peter (Poland), Stoyanov Dimitr (Bulgaria), Le Hung Kyong (Vietnam), Up to (Bulgaria), Bhandari Sahodev (Nepal), Gautam Mohan (Nepal), Thapa Rabindra (Nepal), Karki Kabindra (Nepal), Checks Padma Bahadur (Nepal), Vir Nidhi (India), Shrestkha Radzhendra Kumar (Nepal), Dzhkha Vidzhaj Kumar (Nepal), Abdul Rasul Poyan (Afghanistan) Twists Nga (Vietnam), Le Ba Khan' (Vietnam), Le Thu Hyong (Vietnam), Djaysval Harendra (Nepal), Manotham Saysongham (Laos), Stoyanov Julia, Tkhieu Dyk Long (Vietnam), Nguen An' Twists (Vietnam), Checks Padma Bahadur (Nepal), Fattuh Yaser (Jordan), Kodjo Allaglo (That), Pankadzh Vidzhaj Kumar (India), Ratna Djiotika (India), Daud Nader (Jordan), Singh Shobkhna (India), Djayni Chanda (India), Kethiri Srikanth (India), Nader Ammar (Lebanon), Andrew Frvnsis Mabian (Cameroon), Ale Mansab Marun (Lebanon), Nath Anudj (India), Randjit Krishna Prasad (Nepal), Shukla Pankadj (India), Kumar Randzhit (India), Madjid Eslami Varnamhasti (Iran), Manrike Bendessu Hefor (Peru), Abarko Del' Karpio (Peru), Dodhoev Farruhbek (Tajikistan), Up to Dang Tao (Vietnam), Tahirov Fayziddin (Tajikistan), Al'ganan Erdengtuyaa (Mongolia), Murodov Samehdjon (Tajikistan), Nguen Thak Kuang (Vietnam), Nguen Thi Hong Diep (Vietnam), La Suan Thang (Vietnam), Badjrachariya Sachindra (Nepal), Nguen Thang Chung (Vietnam), Atas Hussein Mohammed (United Arab Emirates), Alipehi M-d Ali (United Arab Emirates), Agvami Seyed Alireza (Iran), Jalkubaeva Karina (Kirghizia), Le Thi Nguet Kue (Vietnam).